How accurate is your commercial fitness tracker?


In a 2019 study, 18 senior citizens took a stroll on some treadmills while armed to the hilt with fitness trackers. They had devices strapped to their wrists and ankles, fastened to their belts, and wrapped around their chests. But even with all these trackers, the seniors couldn’t get an accurate step count because their movements were too slow to trigger the sensors in the devices.

Commercial fitness trackers are being used for all kinds of things other than tracking steps. They measure heart rate, track sleep patterns, and calculate basal metabolic rate and calories burned. They’re used in clinical trials, research labs, and by insurance companies and corporate wellness programs.

But are they really reliable enough?

There are various ways your fitness tracker could go wrong, especially if you don’t fit into a fairly narrow demographic: light skin tone, in your 20s or 30s, with an average fitness

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Less Building Capacity, More Remote Workers


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Google has unveiled its plans for a gradual reopening as America attempts to rebound after the coronavirus lockdown. CEO Sundar Pichai told staffers who want to return to their offices that the company will start out at 10% of building capacity on July 6 with a 30% capacity by September.

In an emailed blog post (read it below), he added that Google employees who prefer to continue working remotely will be able to expense as much as $1,000 for furniture and equipment. Those who opt to return will do so on a rotating basis, and workers who are required to return to their offices will be notified by June 10, Pichai said.

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‘Moving ahead, we are looking to develop more overall flexibility in how we work,’ the CEO wrote. “The office will look and feel different than when you left

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La Liga faces heated debate as it prepares to resume


Madrid (AFP) – Spanish media rejoiced on Sunday after the government said La Liga could resume, but restarting in June presents many challenges including summer heat, empty stadiums and health rules.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Saturday that football could return from its coronavirus lockdown in the week of June 8.

After closely observing as Bundesliga players acted as lab rats when their league became the first of the major European competitions to return last weekend, Spain, hard hit by the pandemic, will now take its turn.

La Liga has not yet specified when it will kick off or detailed the health protocols it will adopt, but is expected to do so within the next week, according to the Spanish press.

“La Liga is back,” exclaimed the front page of Spain’s best-selling daily Marca, which adorned its front page with a heart formed by the badges of the 20

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Japan ending state of emergency in 3 prefectures


The Latest on the coronavirus pandemic. The new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness or death.


— Japan approves lifting state of emergency in three prefectures.

— Japan considers attending G-7 summit if it is rescheduled by Trump, host nation U.S.

— China prepares for country’s biggest political meeting of the year.


TOKYO — Japan’s economy minister says experts have approved a government plan to remove a coronavirus state of emergency in Osaka and two neighboring prefectures in the west where the infection is deemed slowing, while keeping the measure in place in the Tokyo region and Hokkaido.

Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura told reporters that experts at the meeting approved the plan to lift the measure in Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo.

The measure will be

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