NC Senate passes ‘proactive’ bill that could reopen bars and gyms


North Carolina senators passed a bill Tuesday that would allow gyms, health clubs and fitness centers to reopen at 50% capacity. House Bill 594, sponsored by Sen. Rick Gunn, would also allow bars to reopen and restaurants to double their capacity.

The bill is Gunn’s second attempt to overturn part of Gov. Roy Cooper’s current coronavirus executive order.

“To me, instead of trying to be reactive… I decided that, you know, somebody’s got to start being proactive,” Gunn, a Republican from Burlington, said in a news conference Monday. “I’m doing this for small business because it’s been my lifelong passion.”

His first attempt, a bill that would have also reopened bars and doubled restaurant capacity, was vetoed by Cooper Friday.

Gunn said Monday that he was updating HB 594, which originally only included gyms, health clubs and fitness centers, to include provisions for bars and restaurants, too.

Gunn introduced

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