5 Real Dangers Of Drinking And Driving That You Should Be Aware Of!


Drinking and driving cause countless accidents around the world every day. Numerous accidents due to this do not include only damages properties but also human lives. A lot of drunk drivers do not just hurt or kill them, but they involve innocent individuals as well. No matter what type of car or road accident you are in if it consists of Drinking Under Influence (DUI), the authorities will charge you with Administrative License Revocation. If you are thinking about “how to win an alr hearing?”, then hiring a DUI attorney is the wisest thing you can do. His expert counsel will help you get through the ordeal and all legal processes you need to go through. 

DUI is considered a serious crime and should not be taken lightly as alcohol dramatically influences the body in many ways. It is wise to know the risks of drinking and driving. It is to prevent any accidents and any collision with the law. Remember, your criminal history will stay in your record and could significantly affect your future.

Decreased Vision

Whenever you drink, you can notice that your vision becomes blurry as you consume alcohol. For a lot of people, blurry vision is just the start; eventually, they are unable to control their eye movement too. These vision impairments affect how you see the distance of your car to the road, other vehicles, and objects along your way. You might also not be able to see clearly, or you can misjudge the distance. As a result, accidents may happen.

Slower Reaction Time

If your body is affected by alcohol, your ability to respond in different situations is slower and hindered. It, therefore, increases the possibility of an accident. Having a slower reaction time may prevent you from stepping on the brakes fast. And as you know, a few seconds delay in stepping on the break may result in dire consequences.


Lack of Coordination

Drinking alcohol does not only affect your vision, but it also has a significant impact on your hand and foot coordination. Without proper coordination, it becomes more difficult to control the wheels. It may cause you to go slower when avoiding obstructions or other vehicles. One common sign to know whether you had too much alcohol is when you have trouble walking. You might not stand straight, or you might sway while walking. In these instances, it is safer not to drive anymore.

Reduced Concentration

You might not give this much thought but alcohol consumption, no matter how much, affects your concentration. And lack of focus, not just because of alcohol is a significant cause of many road accidents. A lot of drivers don’t give their full attention to the road when driving. Having alcohol in your body could further hinder you from monitoring your speed closely, staying in the right lane, and paying attention to traffic and road signals.

Inhibited Judgment

Your judgment plays an important role whenever you make decisions, not just in driving but in other daily activities. If you have an inhibited view due to alcohol, it becomes more challenging to make on the spot decisions. It also lessens your alertness on the road and the condition of your surroundings. Remember, it is imperative to stay alert and awake when driving as there are other motorists on the road.

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