Home Remedies For Bloodshot Eye Easy And Simple Natural Cure

It is a condition in which the enlargement of blood vessels makes the white portion of your eyes to appear red. It can be caused due to allergic reactions, coughing, eyestrain, trauma, infection, dry air, foreign body, dust, exposure to the sun, consumption of alcohol, fatigue, and lack of vitamins B2 and B6. It can also be caused due to certain other factors such as corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, uveitis, and blepharitis. Insufficient oxygen to the cornea causes inflammation of the small blood vessels present on the surface of the eye. Look at Klikdokter Infosehat if you want to know more about Health information from KlikDokter.

Bloodshot Eye Home Remedies

There are several home remedies for the red-eye, which can be tried at home with ease. Some of the popular home remedies for the red-eye are:

1. One of the simplest home remedies for red-eye is to splash cold water over closed eyes. This will help in shrinking the blood vessels and soothing the eyes.

2. Try to consume spinach daily. It is very beneficial for the overall health of your eyes. Spinach is rich in carotenoid, which is very good for the eye tissue and retina.

3. Raspberry is also one of the effective home remedies for a bloodshot eye. All you need to do is make some tea out of raspberry leaves. Now take a cotton ball and dip it into this tea. Dab this cotton ball on the eye area. This will give you relief from the symptoms.

4. Another efficient home remedy is to take hot and cold compresses on your eyes alternatively. This will also be very effective in treating bloodshot eyes.

5. You can apply two to three drops of rose water on your eyes. This will give your eyes a soothing effect.

6. Mix some rose water, milk, and aloe vera. Now dip a cotton pad in this mixture and place them over your eyes and rest in a room with dim light.

7. Daily each morning makes it a habit of eating two ripe tomatoes on an empty stomach. Since vegetables are rich in flavonoids and vitamin C, they can help in strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

8. To soothe your eyes and give them some cooling effect, peel a potato and make it into thin pieces. Now apply these small pieces on your eyes.

9. Goldenseal is also very effective in treating bloodshot eyes. Just make a compress out of it and use it on your eyes. You can even cause a washout of goldenseal. Goldenseal is known to have berberine, which helps in reducing the redness of the eyes by compressing the blood vessels.

10. Include food rich in vitamin A and vitamin B in your diet. Also, try to consume milk and fresh fruits daily.

11. Non-preservative artificial tears can be used to soothe your eyes and clear the redness. Those wearing contact lenses should wear genuine preservative-free contact lenses. Since contact lenses with preservatives can cause infection and redness.

12. Try to stay away from agents, which may cause allergy in you and result in bloodshot eyes.

These were some of the effective home remedies for a bloodshot eye, which are simple, safe, and effective when used the right way.

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