Is The Star Wars Blu-ray Boxed Set The End of George Lucas?

Before I even write another word I need to let you know that there are some spoilers in here so if you’re totally clueless as to what the Star Wars Blu-ray set is going to bring you then read on but I warned you in advance! For many fans they had their hopes on Lucas finally giving the fans what they wanted – an original and uncut version of the movies with all the previously deleted scenes included. Visit us redbox coupon for more details.

And to a certain extent that’s what has happened. But to a greater extent it’s more like Lucas is testing the loyalty of the fans of the Star Wars universe. Lucas is a visionary – there is no questioning that. He changed how movies were made and blazed a path that made sci-fi movies possible and profitable for movie studios to make. It’s just that somewhere along his movie making journey he seems to have gotten utterly and totally lost. And I want to share some examples of just how lost he is.

I’m a huge Star Wars fan. Huge! And for me some of the most seminal moments in movie making history were the final few scenes in Return of the Jedi that relied on almost no dialogue and the amazing score of John Williams. The lightsaber duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader is one of the finest moments in cinematic history right up to the part where Vader finally sees the error of his ways and destroys the Emperor – all without uttering a single world.

Now in this cut we have Vader screaming “Noooooooo!” as unconvincingly as he did at the end of Revenge of the Sith (one of the most cringe worthy scenes outside of a Sex And the City movie). And he does this twice so we get to cringe twice as he feebly bellows (I know but that’s how it sounds) “Nooooooooo!” A travesty folks… an absolute travesty.

As for the “Greedo shooting first” edit words fail me. It was bad enough that political correctness meant Greedo has to shoot first but the CGI used here to try to “correct” the previous footage is amateurish at very best. Lucas isn’t even trying here and it really shows – the edit is sloppy and not convincing in the slightest and is proof of why that scene needs to be restored to its original take where Han takes Greedo out.

But there are other moments to make up for this and my favorite amongst those is watching Luke construct his own lightsaber just before they visit Jabba’s palace to free Han Solo from his carbonite prison. That left me with a big childish smile on my face that’s still kinda lingering there. And that’s the kind of footage fans like me really, really enjoy seeing.

To sum it up the Blu-ray set is a mixed bag. There are some awesome deleted scenes that fans have been waiting a long time to see. Then there are some CGI additions to existing footage that have you sitting there thinking “Ummmmm that really never mattered.” A then there are moments like the Vader scene where you want to find George Lucas and water board him to find out exactly why he thinks insulting his fans is a clever thing to do.

The reality is that most fans are going to buy this boxed set – just like all the others eh?

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