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Passing a drug test is not that simple, and it always has a small chance that you will fail, whatever you do. Of course, the best way is to completely stop with the consumption of everything that could affect your employment.  However, you should check out this guide: that […]

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Passing a drug test is not that simple, and it always has a small chance that you will fail, whatever you do. Of course, the best way is to completely stop with the consumption of everything that could affect your employment.  However, you should check out this guide: that will help you do it without any additional hassle.

If an employer decided to conduct a random drug screening for all of his employees, you are probably concerned about how to pass it on short notice. 

According to law and federal regulations, employers can conduct alcohol and drug tests randomly, as the condition for employment or due to some specific reason such as injury or accident.

In case that they have a suspicion that some employee appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of something that may impair his/her judgment as well as productivity, the employer can conduct a single drug screening just for that employee.

The question is how to pass a drug test, especially if you have in mind that you have a short period in which you can act. It is essential to learn your rights when it comes to both federal and state laws so that you can know what to expect in front. 

Employer Drug Screenings

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You should check out state laws to see whether they allow employers to see whether job applicants are consuming drugs or not. At the same time, they can quickly terminate the ability to hire someone based on a failed test as part of the hiring process.

On the other hand, some state laws tend to restrict the employer’s abilities, especially when it comes to random testing for employees. 

For instance, some states regulated this particular problem by making employers to provide notice about drug testing policy as the condition for employment and for staying on the job.

Therefore, you should follow the state’s regulations as well as company’s policy so that you can know what to expect in the future.

When it comes to federal agencies such as the Department of Defense and Department of Transportation, they require mandatory drug screenings as part of federal law. 

OTETA or Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act (check here to learn more about it) states that all operators of mass vehicles, aircraft, and commercial drivers have to pass drug tests if they wish to remain employed.

When it comes to private sector employees, state laws are regulating these conditions and ways employers can conduct screenings. 

Facts You Should Know About Urinalysis

A urine drug test is affordable medical screening performed in hospitals, laboratories, and other health care facilities. The process involves leaving a urine sample that technicians will examine and analyze for the content of drug byproducts.

  • Unsupervised – This particular type of urinalysis means that you will be able to catch a urine sample by yourself inside the cup you got from the lab or over-the-counter pharmacy. In case you are doing a home test, we recommend you to send a urine sample to the laboratory in a few hours after collecting urine. 
  • Supervised – When it comes to employment drug screenings, most of them are conducted under supervision. The technician who will be in charge of the laboratory will provide you a collection cup. You should leave everything you have in the room and empty your pockets as well to reduce the possibility of cheating.

In some specific cases, the nurse or technician will accompany you to a bathroom, but the person has to be the same gender as you are. At the same time, you need to have written notice from the employer because this is considered a breach of privacy. Collect a midstream of urine and seal the container. As soon as you finish, give it to the technician, and they will split the sample into two batches in front of you.

How Long Does THC Stay In The Urine?

The answer on the following question is challenging to provide with specific accuracy because it depends on numerous factors such as frequency of usage, the administration of cannabis, the body fat levels, and other personal factors.

For most drugs that you can consume, the number of days inside the urine is up to a week. However, THC acts differently in your body, which means that it can remain for a month and even more if you are a chronic user.

We recommend you to visit this link: so that you can learn more on THC in general. 

How to Pass It?

Passing a urinalysis is not that challenging, especially if you have in mind that numerous methods and techniques will help you cleanse or hide the content of THC, for instance. 

  • Urine Dilution – If you wish to pass urinalysis, you have to ultimately dilute the concentration of a substance that you have inside so that it can stay under the threshold. You will be able to do it by increasing urine flow, fluid intake for days before the screening date. Drinking plenty of fluids such as water is one way to pass a test, but do not overdo it because too much water can cause poisoning.

You should also combine fluid intake with B vitamin complex so that you can ensure that the urine remains yellow. The first sign of diluted urine is a colorless stream, which means that B vitamins are the way to reduce suspicion. If you have tested in a few days, you should consume plenty of diuretics that will help you remove excess water from your bodies such as cranberry juice, coffee and other products that will help you detoxify with ease.

  • Workout – You have to lead an active lifestyle so that you can improve the metabolic rate, and that will help you cleanse your body and detoxify faster than before. THC is stored in fat cells, so you should combine strength and cardio exercises, which will help you, cleanse naturally.
  • Aspirin – According to people that have passed the test, you should consume aspirin because it will absorb toxins and chemicals inside your body so that the detoxification process will go much faster than before.
  • Healthy Diet – Avoid junk food as well as things with a high percentage of processed sugars and fat, because they are slowing down your metabolic rate, which will ultimately slow down the process of detoxification and cleansing.
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